Sunday, December 4, 2011

Comical Mystery Tour Dinner Theater Dec 9, 2011

Comical Mystery Tour Dinner Theater
The Comical Mystery Tour And the Munich Haus
Present: Julia's Holiday Mixer "Preferably with Spirits"

Julia Chives is throwing a holiday bash and is inviting all of you to join her. Bring friends if you want, heck bring enemies, she won't know the difference and we can have fun with them. Along with you, Julia has invited some special guests from past shows. Gaylord Gabby is back to share the love and joy of the holidays. Especially the love. Victoria Zikrit is out looking for husband number 6 or is that 7? James Stock is looking to expand his wine collection with a very rare bottle of wine that Julia has and if he has fun along the way, all the better. As with a lot of parties, there will surely be party crashers. One that we know of is Beauregard Hogwallerin. He has grown his septic/port a potty business from its humble beginnings to a nationwide company. His slogan is your business is our business. No one is too happy to see him though. He hasn't gotten where he is by making friends. Come see who has the holiday spirit and who becomes a holiday spirit. Oh yeah, and help us figure out who done it.

As usual, we will need your help in figuring out who dunnit. Come and help us welcome Autumn. Join in on the Fun, the Flirting and, of course, the Figuring it Out!

Come and help solve the mystery!!
Prizes Available!!
A complete dinner with the show.

Signature chips and dip, salad, spƤetzle schnitzel, chicken francaise, sauerbraten, oven roasted potatoes, and much more... and for the Happy Ending a Vienna Style dessert station.

Price $35 per person
Tickets must be purchased in advance and are non-refundable.

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