Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day - Sunday May 8th, 2011

Mothers Day at the Munich Haus Banquet Hall

Sunday May 8th, 2011 11:30 am - 2:00 pm

A Traditional Mother's Day Brunch

- Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

- Fresh Fruit, Cheese and Crackers

- Signature Chips and Dip

- Pierogi, Kielbasa, Golumbki

- French Toast, Sausages, Quiche

- Scrambled Eggs

- Mixed Greens Salad


- Chicken Francaise, Jäeger Schnitzel

- Baked Scrod-Haddock

- Oven-Roasted Potatoes and homemade Spätzle

- Medley of Fresh Vegetables

Chef Carved:

- Prime Rib and Turkey Breast

A wonderful Dessert Station:

- Homemade German and Polish Specialties

- Coffee and tea makes the perfect ending.

Please make your reservations $24.95 per Person - $14.50 Children under 12 (gratutity not included)

Ala Carte Dining in the Restaurant

Sunday May 8th, 2010 11:30 am to 6:00 pm

- Cream of Wild Mushroom or Chicken Soup

- Garden Salad - Choice of French, Russian, Ranch, Vinaigrette Dressing or Imported French Roquefort ($1.85 extra)

- Choice of homemade Spätzle, Mashed Potato or Steak Fries

- Medley of fresh vegetables, Sauerkraut ,or Red Cabbage

- Roast Prime Rib a jus

- Braised Lamb Shanks ...Garlic-Rosemary Sauce

- Broiled Scrod/Haddock....Lemon Butter

- Stuffed Pork Roast

- Any Schnitzel or Chicken Entree

For the Happy Ending

- A Vienna Style Pastry Table with German and Polish specialties

- Coffee - Decaf - Tea
$21.95 per person (Tax & Tip not included)

Sausage Night is Back!

Rain or Shine, Every Thursday!
Our Chef will grill for you from our Sausage Kitchen:

  • Pfaelzer, Nuernberger, and Chicken Bratwurst, Kielbasa, and Knockwurst.

  • Served with homemade German Potato Salad, Bean or Pasta Salad, Cucumber Salad, And our own Sauerkraut.

    Our sausages are house made, in our own smokers with authentic German recipes (except Knockwurst) They go very well with the largest selection German beers on tap and bottle in the Pioneer Valley.

    Still only $10.95 per person. Best value in the Valley!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Munich Haus Hops Night Featuring: Warsteiner Premium Verum, May 18th

Munich Hops Club

Warsteiner Premium Verum

Hops night is on Wednesday, May 18th, at 6:00 PM

Featuring: Warsteiner Premium Verum


Warsteiner has brewed beer since 1753. Although other breweries in the Rhine valley were bombed during World War II, the brewery remained unscathed. It is Germany’s largest privately owned brewery

Premium Verum, a pilsener style beer, is Warsteiner's most popular beer, and is exported to over 60 countries. The ingredients are forest spring water, two-row malted summer barley and all German hops. The alcohol content is 4.8 percent.

The Warsteiner slogan, found on each bottle reads, "Eine Königin unter den Bieren" which literally translates into English as "A Queen among the Beers", referring to the queen's crown on each beer bottle.

What to expect:

Pour: Beautiful crystal clear golden with a thick, rich cloud white head that subsides rather quickly.

Aroma: The aroma because its so rich and elegant yet fleeting. You get noble hop impression with an ever so slight lemony note, then a pilsner malt sweetness with a crackery aspect. Clean and precise.

Smell: An aggressive nose for a pilsner. Grassy hops are very prominent, and there's a surprisingly spicy and peppery aroma to the beer. Pale malts with a touch of bread and some lager yeast.

Taste: A very pure and sharp pilsner malt with subdued sweetness followed by a piney/grassy dryness from the noble hops. Finishes very nicely dry with a totally awesome lingering pilsner malt flavor mixed with a tad of grass. You can also tell the water used in this brew is great and super soft.

Mouth Feel: Awesome grainy texture with amazing dryness that pulls you back in. Medium in body with a lively carbonation.

Drinkability: Drinkability is good. Nice balance, crisp and refreshing. A tasty pilsener. An easy drinker, you could easily enjoy several of these.

Alcohol Content 4.8%

Price only $15 per person (includes gratuity) The price includes a stein of beer and complete dinner buffet designed to compliment the beer of the night. Including a locally raised, oven roasted pig cooked in the authentic German style!

Dinner-Buffet served 6:00 to 7:30PM

Tickets should be purchased in advance and are non-refundable.

Brewed by: Arnsberger Forestpark, Founded: 1753
Headquarters: Warstein, Germany

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Munich Haus Bacchus Wine Club featuring Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc

The Munich Haus Bacchus Wine Club featuring: Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc

Tuesday, June 7th at 6:30pm

The Munich Haus Bacchus Wine Club featuring: Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc (vintage 2009)

Country of Origin: USA (California)

What’s a "pomelo", and how do you make wine from it?

Truth is, though this wine is called "Pomelo", it’s not made from the pomelo fruit. Instead, it’s made from Sauvignon Blanc grown in Lake County, California.

From the back label: Pomelo, Giant citrus fruit native to Malaysia and thought to be ancestor to the grapefruit. Our Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc reminds us of the coral-pink tangy juice from a pomelo. Plus, it’s just fun to say.

Tasting Notes: Clean, bright aroma of green fruits, gooseberry, with some pear and lime. On the palate it is clean and refreshing, with good limey citrus fruit and touches of pear, apple, and yes, tangy pink grapefruit. Racy acidity is a good foil for the fruit. Enjoyable on its own as an aperitif, better with food. Drink it with pork, fish in creamy sauces, hard cheeses. A perfect wine for parties, and a crowd pleaser.

Review: Wine Spectator: "A lip-smacking, vivid style, with passion fruit, lime zest and green papaya notes that are fragrant, crisp and clear. Light-bodied, with a touch of fresh grass and herb, which give this more personality. Drink now." (Aug. 31, 2010) Wonderful grapefruit and figgy nose. This wine explodes with delicious flavors of fig, apple and grapefruit. It is as though one were biting into a big piece of yummy fruit. It also has a lovely textural mouth feel.

Only $18.50 per person (includes gratuity) The price includes a glass of wine and complete dinner buffet designed to compliment the wine of the night.


The Munich Haus and O.W.D. Productions presents:
Comedy Show
Friday, June 24th, 2011
For the Meal, the Magic and Comedy
(Adult Language and Content)


From The weird world of stand up, comedian Marty Caproni
A favorite all over New England!
Magician extraordinaire Jonas Cain
Who has been mesmerizing and enchanting audiences everywhere!

and finally
Comedy magician ventriloquist, the incomparable Bob Carroll
From Las Vegas to Atlantic City, always a crowd pleaser!

Doors open at 6:00 pm
The show will start around 7:30
And will feature the 2 comedians and a magical act.
(dinner buffet from 6:00 -7:30)
An O.W.D. Comedy Production
Price per person $35.00 (tip included)
Tickets should be purchased in advance
and are non-refundable
Call for Tickets at (413) 594-8788
or purchase them at the Munich Haus Restaurant.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Join us for our first Lobster Fest of the season! Tuesday, May 17th, at 6:30pm

Join us for our first Lobster Fest of the season!

Tuesday, May 17th, at 6:30pm It takes place on the deck or in the dining room. Join us for the first Lobster Fest for 2011. Fun Facts: Did you know? The largest lobster recorded was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, and weighed 44.4 lbs (20.14 kg); it was between 3 and 4 ft (0.9 to 1.2 m) long. Scientists think it was at least 100 years old.

Eating lobster was once considered a mark of poverty and they were served to indentured servants, slaves and prisoners. In one Massachusetts colony, servants rebelled and forced a contract stating they would not be fed lobster more than 3 times a week. Serving: - Signature chips and dip - Our homemade New England Clam Chowder - Caesar Salad with house made dressing - 6-9 lb. Lobster with oven roasted potatoes and seasonal veggies - and for the Happy Ending a homemade Strawberry Sundae!

For one $90; Split a Lobster $110 Tickets must be purchased in advance and are non-refundable. Add 3 of BGs Premium Cigars $18.00 (tax and gratuity not included)