Saturday, January 29, 2011

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  1. I love the Munich house so much!!!Best restaurant around. Great food,beer and service! Get the cheese app and the sourkrout balls.

  2. Dear Peeps,
    My Mom's 90th was set for the Sunday after
    the fire.
    Pat called at 10 AM to offer to find us a new venue. We had already found one!
    Pat, Katie and Keisha( hope I got that right),
    were wonderful to our family.
    In spite of the the loss and trauma, that they
    must have been feeling.
    Great representatives for your Restaurant!
    Happy Grand Re-Opening.
    Go Chicopee Firefighters!

  3. I've been dining at the munich haus for several years now...and I am always very pleased. it is my favorite place to go. My favorite meal, which i get most of the time, are the broiled scallops with spaetzle... I must say i love their salad and clam chowder...all the food i've had is delicious and i am very hard to please. I wish i could have the recipe for their salad dressing that they make for this bean salad, where a little scoop of it is on their field green salad...alonmg with a few other scoops of some other marinated cabbage or something. i don't know what they are, but I'd love to learn how to make them with the authentic german vinaigrette...which isn;t very vinegar-y at lends a certain sweetness to it. I love german beer and their potato chips and dip are wonderful. I am always pleased with the food and service and the prices are great for the caliber of food served. bravo to the Munich haus and if you have that recipe for the dressing on that bean salad, drop me a line!

  4. The 15th was my 21st birthday, I had a list of places to eat yet couldn't decide. After a fight with my brother and a near loss of opportunity to celebrate the day because of that incident. we decided to chance the Munich Haus as it was local and the menu seemed interesting to me. We got there, my father and I sat at a booth near the bar, and wes iimply forgot our problems for the next hour. I had the frog legs which were a first for me and found them excellent paired with everything but rather bland alone but I figure that's just how they taste. It may have been they were boiled a tad much but the resulting fall off the bone tenderness I felt made up for any possibly ignorant misconceptions. I wasn't going to try the chips but I gave way and they were great with the dip, completely unsalted, leaving that up to me, is the way I like my fresh made chips. Rolls came late an were completely unremarkable. The rye was more like a white bread but it was great with the main course although I had to request it which was odd. I also ordered the huge Bavarian pretzel which stole the show I feel. The cheese dip it came with was the best and it was just so perfectly salted and warm. I also should mention my father got the golumbki- we are polish- and said it was alright but unremarkable without going into details. For entree I was recommended the schalcht plate. I couldn't believe how good the sausages were paired with the gravy and the schnitzel was great too. I now am a fan of spaetzle and gravy and the red cabbage and sauerkraut was as good as I've ever had. The potato pancake was a heavy starch bomb amd felt filling as it should, unfortunately there was just one placed on top like a garnish and no apple sauce or sour cream included. The sauerbraten was a bit dry but still good; they were a bit frugal with the gravy all around unfortunately. For dessert I managed two dark chocolate filled with peanut butter cookies, a chocolate stuffed with chocolate cookie, and the crepes which may have been the best I ever had. All that I left was about two ounces of sausages to take home in a cup. It may have been the best meal I've ever eaten, I don't know why, but it was magical and it couldn't have been better. I didn't tell the waiter it was my birthday until the end, she was that good, some older blond woman who accommodated my indecisiveness very well. Thanks everyone. Matt Jarosz

  5. I visited there on Sunday night. It was hot so I tried something light. The Caesar salad with steak was excellent. Just the right balance of garlic, oil, cheese, anchovies. The sirloin steak was tender and plentiful. Fresh croutons, overall a great experience. I had a refreshing Spaten Dunkel. The atmosphere was nice, good bar area.

  6. I had the Schäufele, very tender. Only German restaurant in the Springfield areato have this on the menu. This place is real German, great select of real German beers. Give it a try, I enjoyed it.

  7. I attended a wild game fest with a friend recently. Food was excellent ( who would've guessed kangaroo tasted like roast beef! ). Bear was beyond super. The only thing that would keep me from making a game dinner there again was hoe extremely crowded it was. We had to constantly keep getting up out of our chairs to let other patrons pass. Everyone wants to return to get more food, but at $45/person, I'd enjoy the night more spending time eating than constantly getting up. The service was great,an overall good night. You have to make $, I have to be comfortable through dinner. Let's compromise in the future, and I'll be back. Thank you. 2 Ct. (hunters ) diners

  8. The clambake was great, can't believe it is low priced. What a value, they even included a full size beer. The only thing I can recommend is the seating arrangement. For us larger guys, the rows of tables are too close together. If someone wants to get up and go to get a beer or food, the entire row of people have to stand up and let them by. I know you want to squeeze in ever last person, but it's hard to enjoy yourself when you have to get up so often. The banquet hall was very warm also, need to crank up teh air. One last thing, the menu said Bavarian Style Chicken, what was served was something that looked like Chicken Françoise? Otherwise it was a great event.

  9. We had a great time at the opening of the Bier Garten on May 3rd 2013. The buffet, sausage grill, Chef carved roasted pig, stein of mai bock beer and may wine were fantastic. Looking forward to the clam back in June... The four of us had a good experience with the waitstaff and especially the hostess and will be back again.....

  10. My wife and I had dinner this evening, and are looking forward to a return visit. The shnitzel was great, and so was the German beer. See you again soon.


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